Dedicate all your attention to your business, we take care of the transport of your goods.

Air Freight

Air Transport is the fastest way to transport goods.

According to the origin or destination and urgency, JOMATIR plans its transport, coordinates and carefully performs all complementary services, both at origin and destination, for any situation that is requested.

For the goods to arrive at the right place and at a competitive price it relies on the efficient work of a worldwide network of agents and transporters, efficient communication with the clients and a team of trained and experienced professionals.

Main services

Consolidation service with worldwide coverage
Customs Clearances
Transport insurance
Door-to-door transportation: "key on hand"
Multimodal transport

WorldWide cover

Door to Door

Customs Clearances

Transport Insurance

Main Features

  • Greater speed;
  • Proven effectiveness in urgent deliveries;
  • Access to hard to reach markets;
  • Agility and security in moving small volumes;
  • Increasing growth of fleets and routes;
  • As IATA cargo agents we have all the information regarding flights, companies, routes, space available on the aircraft, freight, etc;
  • Reduction of storage costs:
  • Obtaining discounts on freight with the consolidation of cargo;
  • Guaranteeing the basic safety, ethical and operational factors, imposed by IATA standards, as well as international agreements and conventions;
  • Allows maintenance of small stock, with daily shipments, in the case of industries that use the "just in time" system, thus reducing the costs of working capital of the company.