APAT highlights the Seminar held by JOMATIR

APAT Magazine highlights the Seminar held by JOMATIR in partnership with AIDA

APAT Magazine highlights the Seminar held by JOMATIR in partnership with AIDA

On page 31 of Issue 92 of APAT Magazine you can read...



Last April 16th, JOMATIR held a seminar at the headquarters of AIDA - Industrial Association of the District of Aveiro.
The opening of the event, which counted with dozens of participants, was made by the President of that association, Mr. Fernando Paiva de Castro.


The first panel had the theme INTERMODALITY AS A COMPETITIVENESS FACTOR, being moderator Jose Limão, Director of the newspaper Transportes em Revista and the speakers table was constituted by Alves Vieira, consultant of APAT, Duarte Silva of REFER, Nabo Martins of CP CARGA, Braga da Cruz
President of APA and Belmar da Costa, Executive Director of AGEPOR.


The speakers were Pinto Ribeiro, Jomatir Consultant, Fernando Carmo CDO President, Fernando Pereira, Aveiro Customs Director and Paula Roque from REVIGRÉS Management Board.
As moderator, Fernando Gonçalves, Director of Jornal Transportes e Negócios.


The closing session was held by Daniel Pereira, CEO of Jomatir.

This event, to which I had the privilege of being invited, was the first one I have attended in twenty-nine years and whose initiative is due to a forwarding company.
Congratulations are therefore in order for this APAT associated company for this initiative of opening to the market, to the partners of the logistic chain, to its similar companies and to the Customs Administration.


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