Customs and Excise Consulting

Export/Import Support


Customs and Fiscal Consulting

A service with the purpose of supporting our clients in customs and tax issues related to their Export and/or Import operations, thus contributing to the improvement of their business efficiency.

Customs and Fiscal Consulting

Does your company have any customs and tax support in the operations it carries out?

Customs and Fiscal Consulting

JOMATIR's Customs and Fiscal Consultancy service guides the clients in the correct execution of the procedures that aim at the fulfillment of the legal procedures in the operations of trade with foreign countries, as well as acts in the identification of the special customs regimes foreseen in the legislation that may benefit the importing or exporting company with the reduction or exemption of taxes.

Some of the advantages for your company using JOMATIR's Customs and Tax Consulting service:

Support in all matters related to the activity, whether commercial, tax, exchange or operational;
Analysis and interpretation of legislation related to foreign trade;
Obtaining and analysing statistical data from different countries, both at the level of the origin of their purchases and the destination of their sales;
Collection and analysis of statistical data by sector or branch of activity;
Review of processes in the areas of import and export;
Standards of operation in trade relations with countries in markets with free trade agreements: GATT, LAIA, MERCOSUR, SGP, SGPC, NCPD, etc.
Support in obtaining and using the Certification of Origin;
Negotiation and monitoring of processes and, or, specific situations with government sectors and other entities;
Identification of Special Customs Regimes and use of their benefits;
Support in creating a Customs Warehouse;
Preparation of requests for tax reduction;
In-house training in foreign trade and customs and tax matters;
JOMATIR's Customs and Fiscal Consulting service is headed by Dr. Pinto Ribeiro, former Director of Aveiro Customs.
A highly qualified professional, with a solid academic background, extensive experience and evidence in the field.


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- Are you aware of the market share of your product(s) in the countries to which you export?
- What duties do your company's goods pay in the country of destination?
- As an exporter, what customs regime allows you to waive the payment of duties and VAT on imported raw materials?
- What is the relationship between the tariff regime and the origin of the goods?
- Customs Value. What is the taxable basis for calculating duties and VAT?