25 As PME Europeias nas Cadeias de Valor Globais

The CEO of JOMATIR, Daniel Pereira, was invited by CIP – Portuguese Business Confederation – and AIDA – Industrial Association of the District of Aveiro, to participate as a speaker in the seminar “European SMEs in Global Value Chains”, which will take place on January 24th 2017, at AIDA’s headquarters in Aveiro, between 2.30pm and 6pm.

JOMATIR’s CEO will speak at the 2nd panel of this event, entitled “The realities of Global Value Chains – Where are they? How do they work?”.

This event is part of the Single Market Forum 2016/2017 edition.
The organizers of this seminar intend to disseminate the reality of Global Value Chains, not only through a conceptual perspective, but also through practice. Topics such as the characterization of Global Value Chains, their reality and way of functioning, and also which European and national instruments promote the integration of SMEs in this productive process will be discussed.

More information at: http://aida.pt/eventos/seminarios/as-pme-europeias-nas-cadeias-de-valor-globais/detalhes/332


Single Market Forum

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