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JOMATIR - Logistics, S.A. contingency plan - COVID-19.

JOMATIR Logistics, S.A. has over the years made a strong investment in the technological component of the services it provides to its clients.

As soon as the first substantiated news about this new situation appeared, our IT Department started to take measures in response to a possible worst-case scenario.

JOMATIR currently has a set of internal processes based on the latest technology, so we were able to adapt quickly to this new reality.

In view of the latest containment measures at national level, communicated yesterday at 11pm by the Portuguese Government, in response to the spread of the Covid-19 virus in our country, JOMATIR - Logistics, S.A. has adopted the following contingency plan, as a preventive measure:

1 - During the next 2 weeks our employees will work from home. All the tests have already been performed and the necessary measures have been adopted in order to guarantee that we will continue to provide an excellent service to our clients.
2 - Postponement/cancellation of all face-to-face meetings, confirmed or planned, being replaced by videoconference meetings.
3 - Immediate closure to the public of our Head Office and Delegation. We will, of course, maintain the telephone and e-mail service.
4 - We would like to point out that, at the date on which we wrote this communication, there are no suspected cases of contamination in our team.

With these measures we assume our share of civic and social responsibility, thus seeking to contribute to the prevention of contagion of this virus and mitigation of its effects.
We have taken this decision with the major objective of ensuring the most precious asset: the health of us all.

Until then, we will return to the contact you by this same way to update the present information.

Health Vows for all our Customers and Suppliers! Please have the utmost care and sense of responsibility.

A blessing to all!

JOMATIR's contingency plan - COVID-19

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