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JOMATIR extends contingency plan

JOMATIR extends contingency plan for some more time. 

JOMATIR extends contingency plan for some more time.

After some reflection and consideration, considering first of all the health and the well-being of all, starting with its collaborators, JOMATIR decided to extend for some more time the validity of its Contingency Plan COVID-19.

Thus, at least during the next week, the JOMATIR team will continue its activity in teleworking.

Since prevention is better than cure, and given that the normal activity of the company and the ability to respond to the challenges of our customers has remained unchanged, despite this extraordinary situation, we will in the coming weeks, in a phased and responsible manner, resume a "possible normality".

We hope that everyone is in good health and that they continue to take care of themselves.

Daniel Pereira
JOMATIR – Logistics