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A JOMATIR Logistics obtém o Estatuto AEO – Operador Económico Autorizado.
A humanist culture, combined with permanent investment in human and technological resources, makes JOMATIR Logistics today a reference company in the Logistics Sector.
ware that its competitiveness depends a lot on the trust it can transmit to its customers, JOMATIR Logistics, which already held the Authorized Issuer Status, requested the AEOC status which, after rigorous scrutiny by AT, in order to verify everyone’s compliments. the requirements foreseen in article 39 of the CAU-Customs Code of the Union, namely,
• Absence of serious or recurring violations of customs legislation and taxation rules;
• Demonstration of a high level of control over its operations;
• Financial solvency;
• Compliance with practical standards of competence or professional qualifications directly related to the activity performed;

It was issued by DSRA – Directorate of Customs Regulation Services – on 13/01/2021 the authorization with the number PT AEOC 20210002900, taking effect from 18/01/2021.

The costs of the process, which for us are more of an INVESTMENT, we already bear: The BENEFITS are for our customers.