5 forum mundial cidades

JOMATIR Logistics was invited to make a presentation on the 3rd of December at the 5th World Forum of the OMCPL - World Organization of Cities and Logistics Platforms, under the theme “Strategic Logistics Infrastructure to increase the Competitiveness of a Country”.

The presentation of JOMATIR, in charge of its Director, Leonel Cação, makes an analysis of the main impacts of logistical infrastructures on the economy of a country, highlighting the main infrastructures existing in Portugal, the strategies outlined at national and European level, namely the planned investments against the background of the Agreements between EU-ACL and EU-MERCOSUR.

Agenda do segundo dia do 5.º Fórum Mundial da OMCPL

JOMATIR Logistics, known for some years to this organization, defender of the so-called fair logistics, joined the World Organization of Cities and Logistics Platforms having been the first, and currently only, member in Portugal.