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jomatir recebida na cm e na aevc

On the first day of his tour of the company's presentation to entities and companies in the district, JOMATIR Logistics was received at the CM of Viana do Castelo and at AEVC - Associação Empresarial de Viana do Castelo.

Early yesterday morning, JOMATIR represented by its CEO, Daniel Pereira, by the head of Dep. Aduaneira and Fiscal Consultancy, Dr. Pinto Ribeiro and by the head of the Viana do Castelo Delegation, Mário Cruzeiro, was kindly received by Ex. mo Mr. President of the Viana do Castelo City Hall, Mr. Eng. José Maria Costa, in the City Hall.

In a pleasant meeting, JOMATIR had the opportunity to present its project and its objectives to the President with the opening of the delegation in Viana do Castelo.
Mr. Eng. José Maria Costa manifested, of course, “all the openness and availability of collaboration of the chamber with projects that bring added value to the city, the district and its population”.

Presidente da C.M. de Viana do Castelo, Sr. Eng.º José Maria Costa

On a very busy morning, JOMATIR Logistics was next, and as a new associate of AEVC - Business Association of Viana do Castelo, received in a meeting by its President.

In addition to the presentation of the company and its project, we wanted to hear the opinion and analysis of Mr. President, Dr. Manuel Lima da Cunha Júnior, and try to understand how JOMATIR Logistics could contribute its modest contribution to the association and its associated companies.

Da esquerda para a direita, Daniel Pereira, Manuel Lima da Cunha Júnior, Mário Cruzeiro e Pinto Ribeiro

We cannot fail to publicly thank, after having done it through our own channels, the friendliness and availability with which we were received by the President of the CM of Viana do Castelo, Mr. Eng. José Maria Costa and the President of the AEVC , Dr. Manuel Lima da Cunha Júnior.
It is undoubtedly a testament to the “art of hospitality” that characterizes the Portuguese people in general and the Minho in particular.

In the coming weeks we will make known to the exporting and importing companies in the district, our company and the services we put at your disposal, making sure that they will be an asset for your organizations.