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JOMATIR – Logistics, SA opens a Delegation in Viana do Castelo


The new JOMATIR Delegation located in the port of Viana do Castelo fulfills three important objectives:

– The expansion strategy continues in the national territory;

– Strengthens the proximity link with Customers;

– Offers Exporters and Importers new solutions and alternatives.

This new positioning also allows JOMATIR to enhance synergies and reinforce ties between the Portuguese and Spanish business, one of the main markets and economic partners in our country.

To lead this new project, JOMATIR chose “a man of the earth”. A Vianense with deep knowledge of the market, dynamic and with the appropriate competence to be at the helm of this new challenge.

JOMATIR – Your Logistic Partner

“When progress stops, decay begins.
Dale Carnegie


1 September 2020
Viana do Castelo