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Multimodal Transport

Multimodal Transport is one in which more than one type of vehicle will be needed to drive the goods to their final destination. Thus, they will be used from trucks, trains, ships, planes, or others.

For more complex routes, or thorough exploration of the quality/price ratio on each section of the transport, the Multimodal option was a hypothesis to consider, often the only one, especially from/to countries that do not border the sea.

With the support of our agents we collect your cargo at any point and offer the best solution to the final destination, the result of a careful selection of partners and suppliers.

JOMATIR has a wide experience in operations of this nature: several routings and the most varied combinations of means of transport.
Our competence and professionalism, together with our vast experience, ensure that your cargo will undoubtedly be in good hands.

Main Services

Maritime and Road
Maritime and Railway
Air and Road
Air and Sea

Main Features

  • Most appropriate purchase and sale contracts;
  • Better use of available transport capacity;
  • Use of more energy efficient modal combinations;
  • Better use of information technology;
  • Gains of scale and transport negotiations;
  • Better use of infrastructure for supporting activities such as storage and handling;
  • Drawing on international experience of both transport and bureaucratic and commercial procedures;
  • Reduction of indirect costs.