Jomatir launches new website

New Website – JOMATIR Logistics


It is with great pride that we announce the launch of the new Jomatir Logistics website.

We present a renovated website, with a modern design and oriented to the user experience, enhancing a more dynamic and intuitive navigation.
This reformulation goes beyond the visual element. The new site uses the latest responsive design or mobile friendly technologies, and is therefore optimized for mobile devices, and can be easily consulted from any smartphone or tablet, seeking to offer the user the best user experience and easy access to content.

We highlight the introduction of new areas on the website, such as the Legislation area, in the Useful menu. The objective with the introduction of these new areas is to provide the JOMATIR Logistics website with all the relevant information for an exporter / importer, making it an online reference.

The new website aims to be another step in the constant improvement of our communication with our customers.
In order to consolidate our online presence, the new website is fully integrated with social networks, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

You have access to all contacts from our headquarters and delegations through the Contacts tab.
You can also ask us for a quote for the transportation of your goods by clicking on the Quote Request button in the upper right corner of the page.
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Thank you for always being by our side.

The JOMATIR Logistics Team