Option to pay VAT on imports of goods through periodic declaration

The option to pay the VAT due on the import of goods through the periodic VAT return enters into force on 1 March 2018.

This new option eliminates the financial effort that existed when that tax was paid at the time of customs clearance and which created treasury difficulties in many companies.


The taxpayer must adhere to the new scheme by electronic means on the AT Finance Portal by the 15th day of the month prior to the month to which he wishes the general scheme for the payment of VAT on importation to apply.


The response and its validation shall be communicated by the TA electronically.


The exercise of this regime is only permitted to taxable persons (art. 27.8.a), b), c), and d) of the CIVA), which:

  • Are covered by the monthly periodicity scheme provided for in Article 41(1)(a) of the CIVA;
  • have their tax situation regularised;
  • They exclusively engage in transactions that are subject to and not exempt or exempt with a right to deduction, without prejudice to real estate or financial transactions that are merely accessory;
  • Do not benefit at the date when the option takes effect, from deferment of payment of VAT relating to previous imports.
  • During the transitional period, this condition applies only to imports of goods listed in Annex C to the VAT Code, with the exception of mineral oils (repealed by art. 240 of Law 114/2017 of 29.12 approving the State Budget).

Option to pay VAT on imports of goods through periodic declaration

Membership of this new scheme presupposes an obligation to remain in this form of payment for a minimum period of 6 months.


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