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Road Freight

Ground transport

JOMATIR in collaboration with its Partners and Agents based in different European Countries, through a network of integrated services with terminals in several points of Europe, carries any complete or fractioned cargo (Groupage), regardless of its nature, weight, volume or size, from the origin to the destination, always taking into account the Time/Quality/Price factors in its handling and transport.


Main Services

Complete Trucks, Groupage Lines
Express Transport
Any kind of loads
Door-to-door services
Cargo insurance
Customs formalities

Express Transport

Any kind of load

Door to Door

Customs Formalities

Cargo Insurance

Main Services

  • The most flexible and agile in access to cargo, makes it possible to integrate regions, even those furthest away, as well as the interior of countries, especially when there are no other modes of transport available;
  • less cargo handling, therefore more security, since the truck is closed at the loading site and opened only at the place of delivery;
  • speed in the delivery of cargo over short distances;
  • the transport goes to the cargo instead of forcing the exporter to take it to him;
  • the cargo goes to the importer instead of forcing him to pick it up;
  • the possibility of using simpler and less expensive packaging.
  • multimodality and intermodality key piece.