Sea Transport

Dedicate all your attention to your business, we take care of the transport of your goods.

Sea Freight

For the transport of bulky, heavy cargoes with remarkable dimensions, the sea route is generally the best solution. It is also the mode of cargo transport that presents the best price/quantity ratio.

From any origin or to any destination JOMATIR is your only interlocutor to book your cargo, schedule the collection and manage all the necessary documentation. We maximize your route options and transit time.

Choose one of our flexible sea cargo services based on your delivery time, cargo size and equipment needs.

Main Services

Full Container Load Service - FCL
Groupage loading service - LCL
Customs Clearances
Transport insurance
Door-to-door transportation: "key on hand"
Multimodal transport


Multimodal transport

Door to door

Customs Clearances

Transport Insurance

Main services

  • Reliable transit programs and shipments from major ports around the world;
  • Access to space allocation between major carriers;
  • Network of consolidation centres and regional access ports in order to manage cargo flows;
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) connectivity with ship operators;
  • Door-to-door service;
  • Various levels of maritime cargo services to meet your needs;
  • Advanced tracking and reporting options;