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"(...) Sell CIF and buy FOB (...)"

"(...) Sell CIF and buy FOB (...)"

On 24 January 2017, in the framework of the seminar "European SMEs in Global Value Chains", the CEO of JOMATIR, in his speech as guest speaker, highlighted the importance of freight forwarders in Global Value Chains.

Daniel Pereira, besides illustrating with several examples the windows of opportunity that a good forwarder can open to its clients in Global Value Chains, also stressed the need to make Portuguese entrepreneurs, exporters and importers understand the need to change the paradigm and the importance for the national economy of selling CIF and buying FOB.


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The CEO of JOMATIR spoke at the 2nd panel of this event, entitled "The realities of Global Value Chains - Where are they? How do they work?"

The seminar "European SMEs in Global Value Chains" was a joint initiative of the Confederation of Portuguese Industry and AIDA - Industrial Association of the District of Aveiro, in collaboration with the European Commission.

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