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Seminar "Export/Internationalization in Portugal 2020"


POCI 2020 - Portugal 2020 Competitiveness and Internationalisation Operational Programme - highlights in its strategy, among other objectives, the increase of exports in GDP, to 42% in 2015 and more than 52% in 2020, also highlighting the contribution of logistics infrastructures to the increase of competitiveness of exporting companies.

Aware of the effects on the Portuguese economy resulting from the large investments from the community funds of PORTUGAL 2020, JOMATIR decided to carry out in partnership with AIDA - Industrial Association of the District of Aveiro a seminar/meeting to address these issues and identify solutions to the constraints of companies when selling to the external market, in an increasingly aggressive and simultaneously unstable context



This meeting is intended primarily for companies operating or intending to operate in the international market.


To raise awareness of an important set of information and procedures that could have a significant impact on the competitiveness of these companies and, consequently, on the improvement of their market share.



The meeting to be held at AIDA's facilities in Aveiro on April 16th will have the following programme:

09:00 H - Reception of guests

09:30 H - Opening by Fernando Castro - President of AIDA

09:40 H - Panel 1 - Intermodality as a competitiveness factor
- Rogério Alves - APAT Consultant
- Duarte Silva - REFER
- Nabo Martins - CP CARGA
- Braga da Cruz - President of APA
- Belmar da Costa - Executive Director of AGEPOR

Debate: Moderator: José Limão - Director of Jornal Transportes em Revista

11:00 H - Coffee Break

11:30 H - Panel 2 - Export/internationalisation
- Pinto Ribeiro - JOMATIR Consultant
- Fernando Carmo - President of CDO
- Fernando Pereira - Aveiro Customs Director
- Paula Roque - Management Board of REVIGRÉS

Debate: Moderator: Fernando Gonçalves - Director of Jornal Transportes e Negócios

12:50 - Closing - Daniel Pereira - CEO of JOMATIR

How to get to the seminar site


Rua da Boavista - Industrial Area of Taboeira - Alagoas
3800 - 115 Aveiro

Tel. (+351) 234 302 490

GPS: 40.641404, -8.609624


Confirmation of attendance.

The Seminar is free of charge but registration is mandatory.

Please confirm your attendance no later than 13 April.
You can register here.

If you need any additional information please contact us at the following email address: consultoria.aduaneira.fiscal@jomatir.pt or by phone (+351) 228 349 750.


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Seminário "Exportação/Internacionalização no Portugal 2020"