It seems like only yesterday... but it's been a year since our 25th anniversary.
Many thanks to all those who graced us with their presence, and to those who could not, but would have liked to have been present, in the celebration of another historic milestone in the life of JOMATIR. A quarter of a century, 25 years.
It is JOMATIR's sincere wishes to all its Customers, Suppliers, Partners and Friends in this Easter season.
We inform our valued customers that we will be closed on 26 December 2016. We thank you for understanding. We take this opportunity to renew our wishes for a Merry Christmas and a successful New Year in 2017!
Last December 9th, JOMATIR held its Christmas Dinner, with the JOMATIR Team, Family and some Friends, in one of their favorite "canteens", the Casarão do Castelo in Leça da Palmeira.
JOMATIR - JOMATIR wishes all its Customers, Suppliers, Partners and Friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2017!
In a municipality that says a lot to its CEO, Daniel Pereira, JOMATIR renews and reinforces its support to C.D. Feirense, in its return to the main division of the national football championship, through the presence of static advertising in its stadium.
APAT Magazine highlights the Seminar held by JOMATIR in partnership with AIDA - On page 31 of Issue 92 of APAT Magazine you can read...