27 jomatir 25 anos muito obrigado2

Many thanks to all those who graced us with their presence, and to those who could not, but would have liked to have been present, in the celebration of another historic milestone in the life of JOMATIR. A quarter of a century, 25 years.

In life, regardless of your personal or professional side, the most important thing is people.

It is for them that we live, that we fight, that we build bridges to the future.

It is with their work and support that we overcome challenges and achieve achievements previously thought unattainable or impossible.

It is in their relationship that we learn, that we grow, that we become a little wiser.

It is with their support that we are all better individually and, therefore, we improve as a team.

We are in life to serve…

To serve others, family, friends, customers.

We could never do it well without the indispensable and invaluable support of our suppliers and partners.


We could only celebrate with you.

With everyone in our lives, personal and professional.

With everyone we relate to on a daily basis.

Nothing of JOMATIR’s success, triumph and achievements would be possible without the collaboration of each one of you.

And so…

Thanks! Thanks a lot!

I tell you, we count on you as we write the story of the next 25 years.

Maybe more thinking about our children and grandchildren… but always, always aiming to build a better future… for us and for them.

And in that future that we will build daily we will continue to appreciate your work, your service, your loyalty and, above all, your friendship.


Blessing’s to all!

Daniel Pereira


NOTE: You can view the photos in the event in the following Facebook album –https://www.facebook.com/pg/jomatir/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1043387245798347

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