Dia da Terra - Jomatir
Earth Day

Our present and future is Planet Earth, not Mars or any other planet.

We must take better care of our planet and, among other things, reduce the aggressions that are committed against it every day, such as CO2 emissions and other gases.
All of us, individually and collectively, can and must do our part.
From reducing to the maximum the use of plastic and other non-recyclable materials, to the rational use of water in our homes, to the acquisition of energy-efficient equipment, among many other good examples.

In JOMATIR we are not excluded from this environmental and social responsibility and we also try to do our share.
An example of this is our growing commitment to Intermodal Transport that is taking many trucks off the roads and thus saving the environment.

Intermodal transport allows you to change routes and reduces the use of highways. There are many significant advantages to intermodal transport: less noise pollution; more reliable delivery time notifications; elimination of traffic and customs processes on the highway; simpler planning processes; fixed departure times; higher quality service standards; and easier planning and support for large-scale projects.”

For a cleaner planet and a sustainable future.

The JOMATIR Team – Logistics