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Jomatir received this Wednesday the 2017 APAT Certification of Excellence...

Jomatir again awarded APAT Excellence Prize

Jomatir again awarded APAT Excellence Prize

This Wednesday, Jomatir received the 2017 Certification of Excellence from the Portuguese Forwarders Association (APAT), thus renewing the important distinction.

The award was presented by the Director of APAT Porto, Dr. Inês Carneiro, to Jomatir's CEO, Daniel Pereira.

Jomatir's CEO valued the importance of this new recognition and even mentioned that, in his opinion, "the APAT Certificate of Excellence is for the Forwarders as the Estrela Michelin is for the Chefs of Cuisine".

certificado excelencia apat2017 equipa

The APAT Seal of Excellence is a distinction that recognizes the quality, credibility, reliability and safety of the services provided by the associates that meet the requirements established by the association.

This distinction is an additional stimulus to continue our mission, as a service provider company, of continuous improvement, innovation and search for excellence in the logistics and transport solutions we offer to our clients.

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