Today, 8 May 2021, JOMATIR Logistics celebrates its 29th anniversary. “A long journey begins with...
In JOMATIR we are not excluded from this environmental and social responsibility and we also try to do our share. An example of this is our growing commitment to Intermodal Transport that is taking many trucks off the roads and thus saving the environment.
A JOMATIR deseja a todos os seus Clientes, Fornecedores, Parceiros e Amigos uma Santa e Feliz Páscoa.
Today, in a special way, we would like to congratulate all women!
A humanist culture, combined with permanent investment in human and technological resources, makes JOMATIR Logistics...
New Website – JOMATIR Logistics   It is with great pride that we announce the...
Neste ano atípico e contra todas as previsões, a JOMATIR Logistics teve o privilégio de continuar a crescer e a alargar e aperfeiçoar o leque de serviços que disponibiliza aos seus Clientes.
There is a Chinese proverb that says: "Strong men create easy times and easy times generate weak men, but weak men create difficult times and difficult times generate strong men".
The popular saying goes that “Prevention is better than cure” . The experts say that insurance is to have, preferably not to use it.
JOMATIR Logistics was invited to make a presentation on the 3rd of December at the 5th World Forum of the OMCPL - World Organization of Cities and Logistics Platforms, under the theme “Strategic Logistics Infrastructure to increase the Competitiveness of a Country”.